Maguire Family History Weekend

We were blessed to be able to attend the Maguire Family History Weekend in Enniskillen County Fermanagh. Since we know McCusker / McCosker / McOsker are a branch of the Maguire’s, I strongly recommend if you ever have a chance to attend, do so. This was the most rewarding and memorable vacation I have ever taken. Please visit the various links below to learn more about this event.


First things first. While this does not pertain to our family history, I wish to include a bit on our visit to Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany. We visited our daughter in Germany before the Ireland visit, and this was one of the sites we experienced while there. Click Here for information on Dachau Concentration Camp.


After we arrived in Ireland, we checked in to our room at the Willowbank Bed and Breakfast. If you are ever able to visit Ireland, there is no reason to stay anywhere else. Click Here.


Our trip to Maguire Castle in Enniskillen was most enjoyable and educational. Click Here for more information.


After our banquet at the castle, we took a short boat ride to Devenish Island. From the 6t century, the island was a place of great spiritual importance. Click Here for photos.


The next day we left the tour to try to find Carrickmacosker on our own. Click Here for photos.


Next we visited Drumskinny, the birthplace of Hugh McOsker, the common ancestor of the McOsker clan in America. Click Here for Drumskinny photos.


After we left Drumskinny, we visited the Belleek Pottery factory. Click here for these photos.