Section 2 - DNA Testing.

Our DNA Testing will be published here as it is continues.

In the meantime, for a good tutorial on DNA Genealogy click here. 

March 14, 2012 We now have our own DNA project!  Click for more information


We are also a member of a 2nd project with a great deal of information. This project is for all variants of the surnames that make up The Clann Lugain traditionally located in Airghialla included the Maguires, McMahon, MacKernans, MacAuleys, O’Cassidys, O’Corrigans, MacManuses, Breens/Byrnes, and Gurrys. See  .  To see a sample of this study, see the table at the bottom of this page. The columns represent the specific genetic markers tested, and the numbers are the number of times these patterns repeat. Note the number of Maguire men with links to County Fermanagh. We are kit #227667 at the bottom of the chart. Hugh McOsker is our paternal ancestor from Co Fermanagh.

March 12, 2012
Our initial 67 marker DNA testing at has been completed.

Markers are specific components of the Y-Chromosome passed from father to son. Genealogists use this information to verify family ties, going back a few generations or thousands of years.

Our initial testing (on Ken McOsker Kit # 227667) shows genetic matching to the descendents of Donn Carrach Maguire.

Ken McOsker is a genetic match (with a genetic distance of 6 and 7) to many other project members, most are named Maguire or McGuire. This genetic distance indicates that we probably share a common ancestor 600 to 700 years ago. Remember that we believe McOsker split from Maguire around the year 1350, or about 660 years ago.

There are currently no other McOsker or McCusker participants in any FamilyTreeDNA projects.

We would VERY MUCH like for additional family members to join this project. The more matches we are able to process, the closer we will be able to pinpoint  if and when our split from the Maguires occured.

The DNA results are not shared outside of this project, and cannot be used for medical or insurance purposes.

If you would like to become part of this project, or have any questions, please email Ken McOsker at

This page is currently in development.


I attached the following chart, not to explain the genetic marker data, but to show my genetic surname matches.

Family Tree DNA has a database of over 300,000 DNA records, representing over 6300 surnames.

My closest matches are almost exclusively to Maguire men with roots in County Fermanagh Ireland.

 Ken McOsker, descendant of Hugh McOsker, born in County Fermanagh.


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