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March 3, 2012

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Welcome. Please use this section to offer / request information on the McOsker family.

Congratulations and thank you, Ken (Cousin Ken?), for launching this website.

Very well researched (not that I am biased) my dear brother. I was able to snag my wife (Brenda)of 23 years by telling her I was descended from royalty, who knew?...though she does continue to bug me wanting to know where our castle is.

Has anyone seen any info on M.D. (Micheal Daniel) McOsker? Several years ago I was googling our sir-name and found him, he fought in the civil war (for the confederacy) (McOsker, M.D.- Enlisted as a private in Co.A, 8th Regiment Ga.Inf. May 18, 1861. Wounded at 1st battle of Manassas, Va.July 21,1861.Discharged on account of wounds. August 12,1861. Enlisted as a private in Co.C, 40th Regiment Ga. Inf. March 10, 1862 . Wounded at Vicksburg, Miss. July 3, 1863. Discharged on account of wounds)I even found and printed one of his discharge certificates (unfortunately misplaced now) Anyway, I can not seem to find his Discharge again, this saddens me greatly as i felt that even though the Discharge I printed was not of any historical significance it was kinda cool. I do know he is buried in Rome Georgia.

Some time ago, I obtained a copy of an April 26, 1826 court document (hand written, of course) showing that Hugh McOsker on that day declared his desire to become a citizen of the U.S. before the "court of common pleas in and for the County of Bedford in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania". I got this from the Bedford County Historical Society.

Am looking for information on slightly later kin:
Sarah McCoster (1680-1711, died in Maryland, USA), who married George Edward Dikes/Dakes (b May 4, 1684; d 1716). Her father may have been a Daniel McCosker/McCoster. Sarah and George had children Ann, George, Edward, Mary, and Daniel, all born in Maryland. Thanks!

Only this week have I discovered this website and information. I would love to do the DNA test, but alas, the mtDNA will be useless. FYI: My great, great grandfather, John McCosker was born in 1805 in County Tyrone, died in Philadelphia. The birth information is on his tombstone.